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Use Deep Art Effects for Your Business

Impress your customers! Get the breakthrough style transfer technology for your application and use Deep Art Effects to transform photos into artworks with artificial intelligence.

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Add a touch of magic to your application and let your customers become artists!
No knowledge about high performance computers or algorithms necessary.
Simple integratoin through program libraries (SDKs) for Java, Android, iOS, .NET and Javascript.
Use ready-made code examples for a fast utilization of the filters in your application.
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About Us

Our Service

The Deep Art Effects GmbH offers know-how and practical experience in generating art by means of artificial intelligence. We support you with the deployment of our technology in your business. It can easily be integrated in your application landscape of photo, print or video solutions, without you having to obtain any special knowledge about high-performance computers or algorithms.

We will take care of the improvement, the development and the optimization of the technology and will provide you with the necessary hardware. A simple interface with a corresponding program library will make it easy for you to use the technology in your business. In addition, we continuously provide you with new art styles for your solution.

The results of our technology clearly outmatch other prevailing photo filters. Anyone can become an artist, even without any talent for art, and simple photos become amazing artworks. Deep Art Effects inspires creativity and imagination. How would Picasso or Van Gogh have painted my picture? That's what we want to offer to our clients.

Your Chances
Innovative technology will provide you with media-effective marketing for customer acquisition, and you will be able to reach new customer groups like photographers and artists. Until now, sales were concentrated on classic artworks and photo prints. Deep Art Effects makes it possible to combine both.

Turn Photos into Individual Artworks with Deep Art Effects

Why Deep Art Effects?

Extend Your Software with Innovative Technology
A useful extension for mobile apps in the area of photo or video applications, or an additional feature for image and video editing computer software.

Expand Your Service Portfolio
An extension for photo service stations or websites with service orders like photo books, canvases or posters.

Choose from over 100 Art Styles
Choose from a wide variety of art styles which we extend regularly. Our spectrum includes art styles from famous artists of the past and present like Picasso or Monet.

In only a few Minutes You can Transform Photos into Art
Simple integration through our web API HTTPS/JSON. Work with our SDK for the programming languages Android, IOS (Objective-C), IOS (Swift), .NET, JavaScript and Java in order to achieve an even faster integration in your solution.

Individually Tailored to Your Needs
Apart from our public interface we offer dedicated business and offline solutions. A dedicated solution provides you with extended support and a guaranteed computing capacity for your application.

High Data Protection According to German Standards
No images will be stored. The rights always remain with the user. After processing, the images will be deleted. Our data traffic is encrypted and our platform exclusively works with European computer centers.

For Your Developers

You're a developer and want to get started with the integration? Visit the developer portal to get SDKs and examples to integrate Deep Art Effects in your application.

Visit Our Developer Portal here

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